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Welcome to Santorini, one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. Picture this: you’re sitting under a starry sky, a light sea breeze caressing your face, a glass of local wine in hand. Your gaze is captured by the magic of the big screen. This is not a dream, it’s the Cine Kamari, one of the best open-air cinema experiences in Europe and an absolute must for any visitor to Santorini. In this article, we will introduce you to the fascinating history of this unique place, its irresistible atmosphere and everything you need to know to plan your movie night under the Greek stars.

The Superb Open-Air Cinema of Kamari in Santorini

The History of Cine Kamari

An Ancient Heritage

Open-air cinemas are not new to Greece. In fact, they date back to antiquity, where theaters were open to the sky. Over time, these theaters evolved to host the first film screenings in the 1920s, often accompanied by music played on gramophones, pianos or even orchestras. It is in this historical context that the Cine Kamari finds its roots.

The Advent of Cine Kamari

Created in 1987, Cine Kamari has become a beacon of cultural life in Santorini. Its success is based on an irresistible combination: a selection of first-rate films, an enchanting setting that respects the traditional architecture of Santorini, and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. I can tell you that I have spent many evenings enjoying films under Kamari’s starry sky, each time it was an unforgettable experience.

Enrich your stay in Santorini with a visit to Cine Kamari. You will not only discover the magic of open-air cinema, but also immerse yourself in Greek history and culture. So get ready to experience an unforgettable evening under the stars. And for a full day of discoveries and adventures, be sure to check out our article on the perfect itinerary for spending a day in Santorini.

The Cine Kamari Experience

An Enchanting Atmosphere

Cine Kamari is much more than just a cinema. It’s a sensory journey that begins as soon as you enter the site. Stepping into the cinema grounds, you are immediately enveloped in a garden atmosphere, an oasis of tranquility where the scent of flowers mingles with the smell of popcorn. The lighting is discreet, adding a touch of mystery to the evening ahead. The respect for Santorini’s traditional architecture is striking, with whitewashed walls and volcanic stone details that blend harmoniously into the landscape.

A Selection of Quality Films

At Cine Kamari, the quality of the programming is a priority. A-list films are screened in the original English version, with Greek subtitles. Whether it’s the latest Hollywood blockbuster or a critically acclaimed arthouse film, you can be sure to experience outstanding cinematography.

Practical Information About Kamari Cinema in Santorini

How to get there

Cine Kamari is easy to find. Located at the entrance to the town of Kamari, on the main road leading to Fira, you can’t miss it. And if you’re using public transport, a bus station is located right in front of the cinema entrance, making access even easier.

Opening Hours and Prices of Kamara Cinema in Santorini

Cine Kamari is open from May to October. The doors open at 8:30pm and the film starts at 9:30pm, giving you time to settle in comfortably and soak up the atmosphere before the film begins. Admission is €10, a modest investment for an unforgettable evening.

On-site Services

And what would a night at the movies be without some treats? Cine Kamari has a full bar serving cocktails (try the strawberry daiquiri and mojito, you won’t regret it!), local beer and wine, soft drinks, ice cream and snacks. All you have to do is take a seat and enjoy your movie under the stars.

The Magic of Cine Kamari’s Programming

Cine Kamari doesn’t just offer you an idyllic setting to watch a movie. The programming team ensures the choice of films is just as impressive. The 2023 summer lineup promises to delight every member of your group, whatever their taste in cinema.

May kicks off with “Babylon,” a historical drama with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, closely followed by the eternal classic “Mamma Mia” and the new version of “The Little Mermaid.” From horror comedy with “Renfield” to the fantasy musical “The Magic Flute,” each week brings a new adventure.

The summer will continue in this vein with “Love Again,” a romantic comedy with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan. The highly anticipated sequel “Avatar: The Way of Water” and the mysterious “Hypnotic” with Ben Affleck will also be featured. The programming concludes with an epic adventure, “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” which promises action and excitement.

Conclusion – Watching Films at Cine Kamari, the Open-Air Cinema of Santorini

Cine Kamari is far more than just a cinema. It is a window into the magic of Santorini. Where the charm of the old world meets the excitement of the new. It’s an experience you absolutely must have if you visit this paradise island.

If you’re planning a trip to Santorini, add Cine Kamari to your must-do list. You can check out the full schedule to choose the film that suits you best. And remember, doors open at 8:30pm and the film starts at 9:30pm. No need to book in advance, so feel free to arrive early to get the best seats.

If you enjoyed this article, please share it on social media and leave a comment. For more information or to view the schedule in detail, visit the Cine Kamari website. Let the open-air cinema adventure begin!

Q&A – Cine Kamari

What is the location of the open-air cinema in Santorini?

The open-air cinema in Santorini is located in Kamari, 12 minutes drive from Fira and about 20-25 minutes from Oia.

What films are shown at the Santorini open-air cinema?

The Santorini open-air cinema features a variety of films, including popular current English-language films, screened with Greek subtitles. The films showing at the cinema change regularly, so it’s best to check the cinema’s website or social media pages for the latest listings.

What are the ticket prices for the open-air cinema in Santorini?

Ticket prices for the Santorini open-air cinema are at a fixed rate. Tickets cost €10.

What are the opening hours of the open-air cinema in Santorini?

The Santorini open-air cinema generally opens at 8:30pm and screens the film at 9:30pm.

What should you keep in mind when visiting the Santorini open-air cinema?

– The cinema is outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather.
– It’s popular, so arriving early is recommended to get a good spot.
– Kamari’s open-air cinema in Santorini is located in a quiet neighborhood, so being respectful of your neighbors is recommended.

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